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Our Services

Each client will be given an individualized home exercise program. This individualized exercise program provides clients' an opportunity to do the following:  

  • Take ownership for their treatment plan. 

  • Promote repetition which plays a significant role in the improvement of improving ones functional mobility and preventing limitations from developing

  • Give patients the opportunity to reach the best outcome possible

  • Give guidance to clients once treatment ends

  •  Reminder to patients to stay active

Wooden Hut
Senior Physiotherapy


Treatment & Therapy
We believe in taking time to understand the root of your problem to provide the best and most effective treatment possible. At Recover Physical Therapy our focus is on quality treatment for our clients. 

Physical Therapy Session

Back Pain


Neck Pain


Knee Pain


Shoulder Pain


Generalized Weakness


Pre/Post Surgical

Work Out at Home
Work Out at Home

Assessment & Diagnosis
In order to help patients reach their desired goals, continued assessment after making an initial diagnosis is essential when treating an injury or limitation.  

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